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The Shocking Wave of Post-Partum!

So let's be real! You have been highly anticipating this mommy journey with this little precious baby. For nine months, you watched this munchkin grow in your belly with pure joy, but baby is here now and you feel very anxious and overwhelmed. You feel guilty because you find yourself alone and resentful of your baby. You want to pull your hair out. Your life has changed too quickly and you're spending an entire day, changing diapers, holding a colicky baby and feeding. You feel a sense of hopelessness. You're afraid to leave the house. Here are some tips to help you feel alleviated.

1). You're not alone and you're not crazy!!!! Many moms feel overwhelmed and depressed during the 1st year of a new baby, even if this isn't your first child. Don't beat yourself up! Seek help!

2). Ask for help!! Remember the saying "it takes a village to raise a child". Well, mama I'm here to tell you that it takes a village to raise a newborn. This is a humbling process. You will need to ask for help from relatives, in-laws, neighbors, work colleagues, friends etc. Actually, enlist a support network because you'll need them for at least another decade or until your child can stay home alone.

3). Take your needed breaks! If you have a spouse, you can take turns watching the baby at night. Both parents should not be awake at thesame time as this will tire you both out and you can start to resent each other and resent baby as well. If you're a single mom, go to another room or the bathroom. Take at least a 10 minute shower to drown out the baby's crying and take deep breaths. Before doing this, ensure that baby has been fed and is in a safe space.

4). Express feelings! Talk about your feelings with a trusted adult. It helps to talk about it. You can even get on anonymous mommy groups online to express your feelings and get support.

5). Talk to your OB or PCP if your condition gets worse. You might need some psychotropic medication to help you get back to an appropriate level of functioning.

Best Wishes!!!

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