Individual Therapy: Your Resilience Counseling (RC) therapist provides individual counseling to teens and adults who are experiencing life changes, stress and adjustment issues. Your therapist will focus on the person in relation to their environment. Identifying a support network is still an important area of focus in this therapy.


Family Therapy: The RC therapist embraces any type of family unit and uses a family systems perspective and a functional family therapy (FFT) techniques. We believe that an individual’s problem affects all in the family unit. In Family Therapy, “we are all in this together” approach is the model for Resilience Counseling. 


Couples Counseling: Similar to the family therapy, except that the focus is on THE couple. RC therapist helps the couple identify personal strengths and values that maintain their connectedness.  Laura also uses a bibliotherapy and emotion focused therapy techniques in this counseling practice.

Single Parenting: Resilience Counseling (RC) therapist uses a strengths-based approach, and believes that parents are doing the best that they know how. RC believes in strengthening the parents' "toolbox". Also supporting the parent individually helps strengthen their way of parenting.

Co-Parenting After Separation/Divorce: Divorce can be a dark world and communicating with your divorced spouse can be dreadful. Laura teaches the skills needed for both parents to work together and make decisions that are in the best interest of the child. Laura will communicate with GALs if the child is receiving counseling with therapist.


Maternal Mental Health: Laura is skilled in addressing women's issues including Post-Partum Depression, Post-Partum Anxiety and a pregnancy condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). As a previous HG mom, Laura understands the issues that face these moms and embraces the work of supporting them during and after the pregnancy. 

Areas of Specialty

Treatment Modalities

Laura Adamgbo has been trained in some evidence based treatment. Although she uses an ecclectic model, here are a few modalities and techniques that she modifies and utilizes in treatment with clients.