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Daily Check In, A Must In Parenting!

It’s Spring time! Believe it or Not! Kids might start getting happier and their moods are b

righter (and yours too) because they can spend more time outside. Sometimes kids begin to lose focus in school because all they think about is what to do when they get home like playing ball outside, bike-riding, visiting titi’s house, etc. These activities are great to keep your kids healthy and active. However, it’s important to keep education and classroom expectations still on their minds. A great way to do this is by having daily check-ins with your child. Every day, when your child gets home from school, ask them how their day was. Please refrain from asking, “did you have a good day?” because you already know what the answer will be. Instead ask open-ended questions such as “what were the highs (happy things) and lows (sad things) of today?” Having this included in your daily routine helps your child anticipate their responses even before the question is asked. They truly look forward to this time with you. My personal favorite is having a “sweet (happy things throughout the day) and sour time (sad things)”, before, during or after dinner. This is a time to check-in with all family members (including you) about your day. It’s also an opportunity to problem-solve with your child about their academic and social struggles they experienced in school.

Remember, IF YOU DON’T DO IT, NO ONE WILL!!! :-)

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