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Building Inner Strengths to Face Life's Challenges

Hi,I'm Laura.

My passion and desire is to build resilient families from the process of marriage, child-bearing, child-rearing, adolescent issues and blended family systems.

I have an extensive training and experience working with children and adults who struggle with Depression, Generalized Anxiety, school anxiety amongst others. I am trained in Play therapy with children.

I also work with separated/divorced parents and single-parents. I help parents facilitate the process of effective co-parenting that reduces the stress on the children involved. Lastly, I am trained in Perinatal Mood/Anxiety Disorders. 

As the Resilience Counseling Founder/Owner, I'm passionate about women's issues and skilled in addressing maternal mental health conditions. 

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How Can I Support You?

I Am:

Individual Therapy


Couples Counseling


Co-Parenting After Separation/Divorce

Maternal Mental Health

looking for licensure supervision?

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I enjoy and embrace the opportunity to provide licensure supervision to PLPCs & RPTs. I use a coach and consultant model to enhance the skills of a provisionally licensed therapist. I am extensively trained in many treatment modalities and offer an eclectic model in supervision.  I particularly love to train PLPCs that have an interest in play therapy. If you are interested in PLPC supervision, please contact me for a free consultation meeting to ensure that it's the right match for trainer and trainee.
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